The Crest by Wing Tai

The Crest is a new Singapore condominium by Wing Tai Holdings Limited.

As many readers would know by now, due to the various cooling measures placed on the overheated Singapore Property Market by the government, prices are coming down and there are lesser people buying up private properties all round. Yes, we are in the cycle where it is the time of the buyers to shine where developers and sellers alike are increasingly desperate to find the buyers with money.

As investors, we all would like to buy low and sell high. This is the reason for the current flight of buyers from the market: many investors are still viewing show flats but not that many are buying. What are we waiting for? For prices to come down some says, to wait for crazy developer fire sale some says. What most people are waiting for is to catch the bottom of the cycle and go for the maximum profit but that is really easier said than done. Even the best of the best investors/analysis experts dare not claim to be able to catch the bottom of the cycle accurately.

It is therefore important that we reign in greed and keep our expectations in check with reality. It is rarely fruitful to try to catch the bottom as most of the time the market has already turn by the time you realise the market has already bottomed which would be too late. Catching the market while it is down is a less risky approach which seems likely to be where we are at now. Developers are slashing prices in line with how the market is performing while Wing Tai in relevance to the title of this post is offering additional buy stamp duty (ABSD) reimbursement for eligible Singapore Citizens up to a maximum of 7%. This is a way to offset stamp duty charges for some cash rich but unhappy investors that they are paying more that does not count towards the purchase price.

The Crest is giving such a promotion because they realise the reality of the state of the market today. As the government said that the cooling measures are unlikely to be taken away, people will be accustomed to these extra charges and developers might no longer offer such promotions. Hence, serious investors should take advantage of the current market trend and take a serious look at these properties to analyse their values.

We are living in interesting times currently and the market currently as it stands can go either way.

The Commercial Real Estate Singapore Property

There are thousands of proud Singapore property owners and the landlords scrub the back roads and the back streets of the super highway roads, looking for the basic agreement for rent that they can immediately print out, fill it, and hand it over to their new renters along with the keys to the rental unit. The process will never be really tedious, which could be achieved through right planning. Acquiring Singapore properties is not really tedious, while you need to examine the legal formalities to get the job done at the earliest.

If the person is searching for the lease of free agreement, he can get it quickly by searching it through cheap generic lease online. But before filling the free lease agreement think over the correct consequences. The lease is a deal made as a contract between the lender and the tenant. The deals of free lease that are dime a dozen online are not covering more information for the property owners and the tenants. Over the past ten years, the courts are in friendly with the tenants rights. When the person trusts on the free lease agreement which is faint, brief or incomplete and the entire business are at risk.

The free generic online lease is not the right kind to sway the judge in a help, if the person wind up in the court. If it is not correctly mentioned in the free lease agreement of the property, these are the good chance for the judge to end up the siding with the renter.

The thing which must not mean is scanting on the free lease agreement and it should be rightly watched for better assurance. There are many ways for saving the money but this is not one of them. The money which the person spends will save thousands of dollars down the back roads legally binding the free lease agreements. This is really proven, and so it is good to be sure and cautious in every action performed.

Commercial Real Estate and Singapore Properties

The commercial real estate has the possibility to generate the gross at present or in future. There is plenty of information that should be known, while considering about commercial real estate. As there are different kinds of commercial real estate forms, it is better to get a basic idea about the procedures. With increased demand in the real estate market, plenty of Singapore new launch projects have been introduced. Singapore Condo, commercial areas are in great demand because investors show keen interest to acquire their ownership here. For your better understanding, here are some kinds of the commercial real estates described:

Retail Property

The commercial retail properties are some of the departmental stores, shops, showrooms, shopping malls, and major dealership centers, wholesale and retail shops, malls, out parcels, stores, freestanding shopping centers, strip center sites.

Office Property

Branches of banks, flexible space, headquarters, office space, exclusive office, corporate office space, office for rental, executive office, high class office, office which are freestanding, upscale office sites.

Industrial and Distribution Property

Warehouse, industry for rent or sale, factory for sale, mills, airports, dry facilities for storage of goods, ports, deep water ports and commerce, shipping yards, management factories, trucking terminals, cargo rentals, yards, rail yards, warehouse space centers.

Land for Brokerage

Lands for tracts, reality places, business places, resorts, regional places, malls, shopping center, corporation headquarters, industrial zones, high risk acres, water front property, regional sites

High-Tech Property

Industries for research, development parks, laboratories, call centers, office, NGO, scientific building.

Investment Property

Branches of banks, realty, flexible space, headquarters, office space, exclusive office, business parks, corporate office space, office for rental, residential developments, malls, high class office, office which are freestanding, upscale office sites.

Resort and Hotel Property

Hotels, restaurants, motels, resorts, cottages, stadiums, lodges, hospitality resorts, golf courses, table tennis courses, parks, attractions, luxurious hotels, convention centers, luxury hotels, motel and hotel brokers, theme parks.


Singapore Properties – Leasing And Its Advantages

If you are to consider about leasing Singapore properties, then there is no doubt that you are to gain intense benefit. Leasing advantages are many and they will profit and benefit you in many ways. The first advantage of leasing is the fact that it is considered as an alternative to traditional business loans. While you consider leasing, there is no demand for down-payment. Yes of course true, down payment is not required for leasing. Applying for leasing is an easy job and leasing is structured such that it can meet the requirement of any individuals. Leasing terms are very flexible and can range from twelve to sixteen months depending on the type of equipment chosen.

The delay in capital budget is almost neglected by allowing payments to be made with operating instead of capital funds. Furthermore, an individual can purchase leasing equipment when capital is available. The payments of leasing Singapore properties are fixed as well as easily predictable. This allows the person to predict what the impact of equipment expenses will be on the flow of cash. One advantage of the leasing is that it also conserves one’s working capital. Leasing also offers tax advantages and is considered as 100% tax-deductibles business. This is possible because of the fact that one has to pay the operating leases from pre-tax earnings instead of after-tax profits. Lastly, leasing also offers protection against the inflation as one can easily predict what will be happen the next day in the market.

Leasing will greatly benefit the companies which are striving hard to afford with their business loans. Leasing is simply and alternative to the far-known traditional financing. Generally, leasing is easy and they operate with the exact capital funds. As lease payments are predictable and fixed, it is simple to handle with the right expense of cash flow.

Tips for leasing the Singapore properties

Commercial real estate and Singapore properties leasing has really become common in the last few years and there are many things you must keep in your mind while you are going into a lease. Few tips for lease agreement must always be known before you try jumping in this great abyss. The one good tip among these tips for lease agreement is that you must have a sound knowledge that how much time you have to remain in lease and when and how you can get away from this lease. Lease agreements must be very clearly documented and must be maintained at all times. You have to choose which type of lease you want for your business. Generally, lease will be for a fixed time period and you will be writing with a mutual understanding with each other.

When the place is on leasing period, the rent of the place could never be increased and the regularities and rules could never be interchanged as per the understanding of both parties. During the completion of leasing period, there never requires any notice while moving out. There are many things which have to be catered by the broker. Only with their assistance and support, you can make a better lease agreement deal. The tips for lease agreement are far as broker is concerned are enumerated below

  • He must have a certification
  • He should be dealing in same amount of the space which you require
  • He must be a professional and should have some experience in the field.
  • He should completely know your personal problem and should be able to give you tips for lease agreement all by himself
  • He must be sound enough in handling any difficult situation and must also have the ability to assist you better in your dealings.


The Singapore Property For Business Owners

Many business owners keep investing in Singapore properties located close to their business location as there is a great fall in the interest rates from banks and other lending organizations. The advantages and the disadvantages of the commercial real estate ownership may get different for every owners and the borrowers should intend themselves by concealing the ownership of the property. There are some of the benefits that the real estate investor will enjoy upon making his investment:

Tax Implications

One of the best benefits for the owners of the Singapore properties and real estate investor is the tax implications that can be taken on the interest of every month commercial payment of loan. These implications are significant and the owner must consult with the tax agent to know about the right situation.

Fairness Admiration

In average the properties of the commercial real estate are having 2 to 3 percent of raising the prices over the long term. This fairness admiration is substantial in financial gains over the period of tens.

Fund for Retirement

Most of the owners of the business in the commercial real estate will not get their pension amount when they take a decision to retire. The fairness admirations on the commercial real estate property are substantial. The owner can decide whether to sell his property after his retirement or leave his property for lease such as spare office before the time of retirement for his additional income.

Value Added to Business

As matched to the residential loans there are many commercial loans. These loans make the business owners to buy the real estate very easier and raise the value of the business enormously.

No taxes to Pay on Rent

When the owner gives real estate for lease they must pay the sales tax on the rent to the owner. And when the person owns the property there is no need of paying the tax.